Gear Lists

I LOVE spreadsheets. Not only are they great for keeping track of all the data I need for my day to day job, but they are also a fantastic way to keep track of GEAR choices for backpacking trips.

While I usually work from a master list (usually solo-pack, for when I’m in a group but carrying all my own gear), I’ve recently started making trip-specific lists, which I will be sharing here. Not only does it help me remember things I need to bring, but it’s also a good reminder to myself for future reference.

After somehow not hearing about this tool until a few months ago, I’ve started to switch my gear lists over to instead of using google spreadsheets. I’m loving some of the features of this tool, such as the ability to search and add previous items (vs. the mass copy/paste that I used to do for specific items I was switching out in google).

Click on the lists below:

Yosemite: July 2014
Joshua Tree National Park: March 2015
Snow Camp, South Lake, March 2015
Pinto Mountain, Joshua Tree National Park, April 2015
Mt. Waterman, Angeles National Forest, May 2015
Forsee Loop, San Gorgonio Wilderness, May 2015
Coast Camp/Wildcat Camp, Point Reyes National Seashore, June 2015
Jefferson Park, August 2015

General list, updated as it is changed:

6 Comments on “Gear Lists

  1. Fantastic! I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog (and of course, your gear lists). I’m re-thinking a lot of my gear for this year and am pretty excited about experimenting with different ideas.

    I noticed you’re moving to Oregon…where to?

    Lovely to meet you!


    • /Wave! I Liz, thanks so much for looking through the page 🙂
      Have fun experimenting with new gear set-ups! I always make these lists for every trip, because in large part they just help me not forget things, and it’s kind of fun to see how my set-up changes depending on where I’m going and what the conditions are like. Hopefully you’ll share a few of your lists as well!
      And we’re moving to Portland, which should be an adventure. I see you’re living in Montana? I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go there, it looks gorgeous.

      Lovely to meet you as well, I look forward to following your blog!


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  3. Those are some awesome gear lists. A lot of what you use is on my “buy” list. Great writeup.


    • I Tekkster! I’ve been meaning to say: Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed. It’s a nerdy thing, but I enjoy the challenge of figuring out what I REALLY need/don’t need 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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