Forsee Loop, May 2015

Here’s the list: Forsee Loop, May 2015

The second half was May was my “fit as much backpacking in as possible” time, since my job had just ended and I was enjoying my newfound weekday freedom!

This trip comes from Hikin’ Jim’s excellent write-up of 6 loops in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Totally breathtaking, and this is one I plan on doing a more comprehensive write-up of.

We did this trip in 3 day/2 nights, and while the 17 miles could probably be done in a shorter time period, we had fun taking our time. Some consideration:

1. It was really cold at night, probably in the upper 30’s
2. We had to carry bear canisters, so that added extra bulk/weight
3. I knew we were going to have a lot of climbing, especially on the first day, so I wanted to keep that in mind


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