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(I apologize in advance: this is a long one. It’s also a really great exercise for me, in articulating and refining where I see things going, and where I hope to see myself in 10 years. So, maybe this post is less for YOU and more for ME). As you might already know, life is weird. Especially adulthood. It’s full of strange, confusing moments, where sometimes one feels like maybe they’ve figured it… Read More

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve started to tentatively plan some details of my summer 2016 John Muir Trail solo hike. It’s still far too early to start dehydrating food and assembling meals, but (since I’m generally gear obsessed anyways), I’ve been looking at my past gear lists (and my gear closet) as a I start to put together a tentative gear list. Exciting! Stuff! Things! It all feels a little more real…. Read More