7 Posts in 7 Days

As you may or may not know, it’s Monday.

(I’m kidding. It’s 3:20 PM on the west coast, and I’m sure many of you are well on your way through the Monday blues by this point).

Seeing that it’s Monday, and I’m making a conscience effort to do more writing (in this case, blogging), I thought I’d kick off this week with a personal goal. I’ve always felt that in some ways writing can be approached like any other skill set. It requires practice and sharpening, and sometimes going back to your old work with a critical eye in order to learn how to improve for the future. Much like I’ve been practicing my backcountry navigation so I can do more and get lost less. Furthermore, as I find myself working freelance lately, it’s increasingly important that I get myself back into the habit of creating a work schedule.

So for this week, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to sit down and just WRITE something, anything, everyday. It doesn’t have to be amazing (trust me, it won’t be), clever, or particularly interesting. My grammar won’t be perfect, because it never will be. However, it”ll be enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to working out my brain muscles.

In other news: I *may* be planning an exciting outdoor adventure for early next week, permits allowing. It’s definitely going to push me past my comfort zone (i.e elevation gain), but as always, it makes great material for thought. More on that later.

Again, happy Monday. You’re going to make it!


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