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If you don’t live and hike in Los Angeles, you might not be aware of an awesome hiking resource:

If you DO live in LA, and you love local area hiking, you’ve probably used it before. Not only is it an awesome resource for finding new trails, but it’s also increasingly a great site for outdoor related news and gear reviews.

So, awesome news: I’m a new modern hiker contributing writer! Short backstory: Awhile back, Modern hiker announced that they were on the lookout for new writers, and had an application + writing sample submission form. I was at my full-time job as an archivist, still living in LA, and decided that I needed a break from cataloging for the day. As a lover of all things outdoors, and of WRITING about the outdoors, I decided it was worth a shot (and it burned some afternoon time while at work, which is always a plus).

A few months later, I was on board as a new writer. And even more good news! Modern Hiker is expanding outside Los Angeles to new locations all over the west, and initiating a total redesign of it’s site to provide an even better search engine and profile system to connect people to new trails and new hiking partners. Wow!

So what this means for you is: and from now on, I’ll be sharing fun new hikes from my new home in Portland/Pacific Northwest area as well from my homeland of beautiful Northern California PLUS gear reviews on the modern hiker site (and will be linking them here as they are published, so you can find them too). You should also check out the site in general, because it’s really fun and you might find a new trail to explore (even ones not written by me!)

Also what this means for you: Modern Hiker is in a full blown crowdsourcing campaign right now, which you should check out. I think we are not only doing really important stuff (getting people outside more), but there are also really fun prizes for people who contribute. You also make it possible for people like me to share our love of hiking + writing. So if you can, contribute whatever you can (seriously, even if that means $5).

AND here is my first write-up from my lovely hometown on the Northern California coast. This will be a good one for you bay area lovers/residents. Enjoy!


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