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Monthly Archives: January 2015

In line with my sort-of-resolution for the new year, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the weekends to spend more time outside (and less time whining about how I can’t because I work full time). So, this weekend, after a lot of research (probably too much research, I probably spend too much time obsessively reading about potential outdoor adventures) we decided to try some local car camping with 2 other (awesome,… Read More

After much research and googling things like “how to transfer domain” I’ve finally changed my website to something a bit more blog friendly. When I first thought about starting a website my thoughts were: “Oh man, I’m gonna have a site where people can find hikes and learn about cool stuff they can do.” So, I this site will be mostly a blog, where I’ll write up my thoughts on various topics… Read More

(Let me apologize in advance, this post will probably be long-ish) I’ve been thinking a lot about “Wild”. (As in the book + now movie about Cheryl Strayed’s 1000+ mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail). I’ve really struggled with Wild, partially for reasons that have nothing to do with the book or movie. Rewind to sometime around 2012, when I was living in New York and a friend suggested I check out a book she… Read More

This past weekend, I had three major goals, some of which may seem contradictory: 1. Sleep/relax/don’t do anything. 2. Test out my shitty, long-time misbehaving knee using KT Tape + recent physical therapy + a new and improved stretching routine. 3. Get out and see some mountains and do the 10.5 mile hike to inspiration point in the Angeles National Forest. On all accounts, it was a success. While I’ve done the… Read More

The husband and I have been doing a lot of reflection lately, both on where we’d like to go as individuals and where we see ourselves growing (and settling) as a unit. It’s been said by many before, and I’m sure it will be said many times in the future: I don’t like Los Angeles. Try as I might, there’s some aspects to living here that I’ve come to dread, but also some… Read More