That Time I Remembered I Have a Blog

Dear all two of my lovely readers,

Today is the day. The day that I remembered I have a blog. It’s also the day I decided to maybe write something ON this blog. There’s been a lot of random moments lately where I’ve thought “I would write something about this.”Planning the JMT? I could write something. The fact that I’ve been sitting at my desk at work for months now, wishing I was NOT sitting at my desk? There’s probably an interesting blog post about that. The sudden and unexpected annoyance I’ve been feeling about the know-it-all-ness of people in the online backpacking world? TOPIC.

I also think it would be a nice exercise to just write, which I haven’t done much of since finishing grad school in June. There’s lots of new stuff in my life, including:

1. I have a husband, who was previously my boyfriend, which is neat.

2. I have a masters degree and don’t have to write 20 page papers anymore at 2 am (I think maybe the 2 am thing was more my own fault though).

3. I do a regular full-time job now! At a museum and sometimes it’s pretty cool.

4. I’m hiking the JMT in August 2015.

5. I’m probably moving out of LA in May. The traffic is killing my soul. There are mountains, but, in order to get to them, you have to get through ALL THOSE CARS.

Anyways, I’ll be back soon to entertain all two (maybe 3) of my readers. You guys are the best πŸ™‚

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