Impending Graduation

I had started this blog with grand plans to talk about my obsessive love of ultralight gear, historic maps and the perfect hiking trail. But, I’ve really failed to on all fronts to write much about any of this. My apologies!

I’ve been thinking about WHY I’ve had a lack of motivation to really get this thing off the ground, and I think I’ve figured out the problem: I’m in grad school, where you spend countless hours a week on your computer doing research and writing 20 page papers. As the “outdoorsy archivist” that means that the times spent not working on the computer is time spent OUTSIDE, not inside at a desk. Thus, when there are those rare moments to devote to writing, I’d rather be trail running, camping, and hiking. I try to take advantage of those times to get out an explore southern California, and for the most part have been doing an okay job in that department.

On the plus side, I’m graduating with my masters degree in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! And that means, that I can finally get to all the gear reviews and trip reports that I want to write. We went to Catalina Island last month for a 3 day trip, and I have a lot to say about that. I also have a few fun trips planned on the horizon.

Stay tuned! In the meantime, here is a photo from Catalina, taken from the Trans-Catalina trail.


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