School. So much school.

As always, another beautiful lantern slide of the week from the American Alpine Club Library.


I’m looking forward to perhaps making a few hours in the next week for some outside time. There is more daylight to enjoy after school/work and I feel like that is something to truly appreciate this time of year!

There has also been a lot of desk sitting the last few weeks as I’ve been slowly working my way through assignments due at the end of our winter quarter. In fact, I don’t ever remember doing THIS MUCH desk sitting. I’ve been devoting a great deal of time to painstakingly figuring out a discussion of archival description and the ways in which user-generated descriptive information (or metadata) can be used within the context of institutional records. Throughout my time in graduate school, I’ve become increasingly interested in interactions between “expert knowledge”, as supplied by institutions (archives, museums, etc) and “user knowledge”. While we seem to generally privilege expert knowledge, I think there is still room to grow the inclusion of user-generated content in archives. As I research my current paper, I’m finding that there are however, lingering questions of trustworthiness and authenticity… How do we know that the information supplied be a user is true? Who gets to decide what information is authentic and what isn’t? It’s been an interesting topic to explore, and there is SO MUCH MORE to read and learn.

I also just found an article titled “Describing place through user generated content” via First Monday that looks at geographical place names (something all hikers and backpackers seem to love, in combination with maps). I’ll be curious to read through this soon!

I’m also really looking forward to sleep. Lots of sleep.


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