Camping at Point Mugu State Park

-You can ACTUALLY see (a lot of) stars from Point Mugu, even at this distance to LA. It was pretty impressive! However, expect lots of airplanes passing overhead in the distance (it wasn’t all that bad).

-It gets cold at night in the Santa Monica Mountains, who knew? From my research, I believe it got down to the mid 40’s the night we camped. Luckily I only own a 30 degree bag.

-We decided to camp at Sycamore Canyon (as opposed to the beach campground across the PCH, I wasn’t really into camping in a parking lot that is basically next to the highway).

-It’s not the most beautiful campground in the world, which may partially be the fault of the wildfire that came through last year. The building and tables are unscathed, but the general area is surrounded by burned tress, which are beautiful in a weird way (see photo below). The campground is basically all dirt/sand, and was super empty the night we were there (most likely due to the fact that it was the Saturday night before the superbowl).Β 

-It was sort of quiet, if you don’t count the random VERY loud mustang that decided to continually speed through the campground really late at night. This sort of makes me wonder if this kind of stuff is a regular occurrence. I haven’t gone enough to figure that out yet.

My overall impression was positive, but I think that before going back here I would prefer to explore some other campgrounds around the Los Angeles area (perhaps in the San Gabriels?). I think it was a lovely place to spend an evening with friends and an easy escape from Los Angeles on a beautiful drive. I also wonder what it would be like on a more crowded night, due to the low or non existent coverage in between sites. However, I may just be a backcountry snob, where I’m used to having a pristine mountain lake all to myself πŸ™‚

Here’s a photo showing the fire damage from last year, care of the talented Nadav Benjamin:


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