What Have I Been Up To?

Well, to start, I’ve been writing papers and continuing my futile attempt to complete homework assigned readings for grad school. I’ve also been interning (again) two days per week this winter, which has unfortunately been eating into my hiking/camping time. At this point I could go into a long rant about traffic in LA (it’s real!) and how horrible it is, but, I think this is a universally accepted fact. Traffic in LA is horrible. While I started the year with the goal of getting out MORE, and experimenting more with new trails (I have a tendency to go back to the ones I know and love), it’s been hard to balance class, internship, and work. Some things I have recently (or not so recently) done include:

1. this past week I managed to get out to Eagle Rock in Topanga Canyon State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains via the musch trail in the Trippet Ranch area.. I was having a really stressful week, and decided on Wednesday that a hike was needed to maintain my sanity. This is really my go to hike, and I should probably expand my horizons more, but I love it. I have a ton of photos for this particular trail, most of which seem to be missing, but here are a few:

2. Sandstone Peak: In November (which seems like long ago) we FINALLY managed to get out to Sandstone Peak via the Mishe Mokwa trail. It was amazing, and one of the best hikes I’ve done in LA since moving here. I’d love to go back more, but it can be a bit of a haul if there’s any traffic, and I have to drive to Malibu 2 days a week anyways for my internship (thus, more driving does not always appeal to me! See some of the photos right below:

3. Parker Mesa from Trippet Ranch: We did this 6.8 mile jaunt at the end of January on a semi-cold and foggy afternoo, which turned out to be beautiful. It mainly consists of walking on fire roads and includes quite a bit of uphill on the way out (which would make sense, you’re hiking to Parker Mesa). We didn’t think it was super tough though, and it was worth it! We’ll definitely repeat this route again soon.

4. Camping at Mugu State Park: I’ve been wanting to this try this, because I was skeptical about camping this close to a major city. I actually have a few things I want to say about camping at Point Mugu, but I’m going to save that for a post that is coming up next!

5. Inspiration Point sunset watching in Will Rogers State Park: I’ve sort of always avoided this park because my mentality is to get as far away from people/houses as I can when I hike (thus my enjoyment of Topanga SP and Point Mugu, which is even further out). But, we accidentally ended up here one evening after a brush fire on the PCH rerouted us onto Sunset Blvd. So, we opted to watch the sunset from the inspiration point trail, and turns out that it was a beautiful and quiet spot to be in the evening. I’ve been doing some further map research, and this is in fact that area that marks the beginning of the Backbone Trail. I’m excited to explore this area more in the near future! Also, bonus: We got to watch the LAFD helicopters refill with water at the field just past the Sunset entrance off of Will Rogers State Park Road.

6. Getting shit done! Seriously, I need to graduate and that is a big priority right now. While I’m missing the regularity of my weekday hike, I’ve been telling myself that this is the last push, and that it’ll all be worth it. I have a lot more to say about archives, and some of my recent thoughts (and concerns) about this area, which I will post soon.

There are a lot of things I’d like to get moving on for this website. I want to attack the section about “vegan backpacking” soon, because it’s something I’ve been asked a lot about (YES, you can backpack as a vegan, you won’t die). I’d also like to get back to my originally intended programing of doing real trip reports, because I like reading the reports of other people, and in a weird way it appeals to my archival interests (creating an archive of my own hikes). Sadly, I have been fighting with the GPS apps on my phone, and will get that worked out soon.

Until then, enjoy the photos!

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