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Monthly Archives: February 2014

-You can ACTUALLY see (a lot of) stars from Point Mugu, even at this distance to LA. It was pretty impressive! However, expect lots of airplanes passing overhead in the distance (it wasn’t all that bad). -It gets cold at night in the Santa Monica Mountains, who knew? From my research, I believe it got down to the mid 40’s the night we camped. Luckily I only own a 30 degree bag…. Read More

Well, to start, I’ve been writing papers and continuing my futile attempt to complete homework assigned readings for grad school. I’ve also been interning (again) two days per week this winter, which has unfortunately been eating into my hiking/camping time. At this point I could go into a long rant about traffic in LA (it’s real!) and how horrible it is, but, I think this is a universally accepted fact. Traffic in… Read More